Kindergarten Field Trip

I missed my own Kindergarten field trip, and when I was in school (listen to me) we only had one trip per year!  So this was my very first Kindergarten field trip.  It wasn’t the exotic zoo trip that I missed out on back in 1986 but I did enjoy the trip to the pumpkin patch, a block from our house.

The highlight of the day was early on.  After lunch we met up in Mrs. Halverson’s classroom and she asked the girls to all line up behind me so I could lead them to the bathroom for a last minute potty break before our walk up the street.  The girls got in line as directed and I started out the door and said, “Come on ladies! Lets go use the restroom!”  The girls erupted in giggles, “She called us ladies!”

We walked to the patch and had a presentation from the owners.  During the presentation I had three kindergartners sitting across my lap.  It took my legs a while to recover, but I honestly loved it.  I love kids, and I love feeling loved by them.  Leila and her two buddies that all nestled in on my lap were also by my side the whole afternoon while we walked through the patch.

 Leila’s class is great.  I loved spending the afternoon with them, and stuck around the classroom for the rest of the day when we got back. I put together puzzles with the kids and just enjoyed their company.  I can’t say it enough, kids are awesome.

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