Save the Children

I am behind.  You shouldn’t be surprised by this.  I will catch up with some lovely updates and pictures from Thea’s Love-A-Lot Christmas program, her new big girl bed and Leila’s first lost tooth, but in the mean time…on the way to work this morning Cory and I were talking about our live of excess.  Too much food, too much stuff.  And there are so many in this world who are suffering to get through each day without their physical needs.  This is a problem in our own community, and a crisis across the world.  2011 hasn’t been a good year of giving for me.  I know that I have not done a good enough job giving my time and resources.  I resolve to do better in 2012, but for now, I am ending this year with my first donation to help with the famine in Africa.  And I am asking that if you have the means to give, that you do the same.

This is the way that I made my donation (Through the Facebook Causes program to Save the Children)

Here is the direct link to Save the Children

There are several other ways to go give to this cause, and there are lots of other great ways to give to those in need as well.

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