Inspired…just not to write

I know that the blog is getting a little dusty.  I have been both busy with life, and just not feeling the writing thing lately.

Here is what I have been inspired by lately.  I have two blogging friends that are both doing an Advent activity with their children.  Jaclyn  has some great activity ideas, like a formal dinner.  I am so taking that idea one of these days!  Colleen is a master crafter and has lots of great ideas for crafts that even a toddler can participate in!  I am inspired to give  this a try in the Coobs house next year.

It seems that everyone has their own fun Christmas traditions, and I have also been inspired by Ms. Mayhem’s DollarTree shopping tradition. Watch out Grandparents, you have some one dollar treasures coming your way!

Also inspiring, is Emily.  Wonderful photographer and Pilates instructor extraordinaire. I am thinking about taking her lead and setting a real miles running goal for 2012.  We shall see how long the inspiration stays with me.

And for my greatest source of inspiration.  Pinterest.

I made these, mostly because they remind me of my Grandma, but also because they make my tree smell so nice!

And also some of these, only mine are cuter because they have pictures of Howard grandchildren on them! 😉




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2 Responses to Inspired…just not to write

  1. BeccaV says:

    Feeling the same way lately! I just put a few posts up the past few days though.

  2. Colleen says:

    If it wasn’t for our advent thing, I don’t think I’d post much either. Thanks for mentioning me. Loved Jaclyn’s blog. I’m writing some of those on my master list for next year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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