Just a day

Photography friends…why do my pictures turn out so yellow? I know I should know this, but like most every other hobby I have taken up, I only learn enough to get by, and never surpass mediocrity…




I would like to imagine that all of our evenings were spent like this…sitting around the table just being together and doing our thing.  In fact, even tonight was spent running around after work and with only a spare hour after dinner to relax together.  Things have been hectic.  My new job is keeping me mostly busy for the most part, though I am anxious to start managing my own projects.

Cory is really busy with work these days also working on extra projects and training on top of his regular work.

We have been doing a lot of girl scout cookie sales on the weekends.  Leila and I are well acquainted with the sidewalk outside of the local Wal-Mart.

Thea is quickly approaching her 3rd birthday and she is quick to let you know that she isn’t a baby anymore.  She is totally potty trained, with only the occasional accident when she is too busy to make the long trip to the bathroom.  When asked what she wants for her birthday, she likes to mix up her answers, but my favorite answer and her most frequent–“a teddy bear that’s as big as me!”

We nearly gave our dog away to my good friend Cheri, but Zoey couldn’t manage to get along with their other dog…not a big surprise really since Zoey is kind of evil.  When we told the girls that Zoey was going on a trip, and if she really liked it there…she was going to stay, Leila gave me a pouty face and then smiled and asked if she could have a gold fish.  Once Zoey was out of the house she upped the ante and asked me if Peacocks were legal pets in our state. (She is a big fan of the show Pets 101) As it turned out Zoey came back to us and at least I can say that I don’t have a pet Peacock. I have to admit I wish I didn’t have a pet dog either.  It is a tough situation though…she drives me crazy but she is a part of this family for better or for worse.  None of us are perfect…we all have traits that others probably don’t appreciate…I know I have some traits that I don’t appreciate!  It’s tough to know that a part of our family is undesirable.  I feel the same way when my girls act out in public, or mistreat their friends.  I hate that it happens, but I love them so very much anyway and I just want everyone else to feel the same way…to love them anyway.  I guess this isn’t really about the dog anymore.  This has been a rough year for me.

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3 Responses to Just a day

  1. BeccaV says:

    Did you check your white balance? If you are shooting in manual and it’s not on auto or on the correct setting for shooting inside your photos will turn out the wrong color. You could also bump up your exposure by one or two, so it shows slightly over exposed, that may make them less yellow. Good luck!

  2. Laura says:

    Yep check your white balance! I keep mine on Auto. I also shoot in raw so that I can tweak my settings in post processing…

  3. Lori Howard says:

    For the record I know that Zoey can be evil, but I love her because she can also be very sweet.

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