A friend posted this on Facebook today, and it struck me, as I am sure it strikes a lot of other women. Just this weekend I was walking around outside with my girls after chatting with some neighbors.  I noticed that the grassy field at the end of our street was covered with dandelions that had gone to seed and I remembered seeing lots of cute shots online of kids spreading dandelion seeds.  I ran inside and grabbed my camera and the girls and I headed off to the grass. We all sat down and I starting taking pictures of my little ladies while I toyed with my settings.

The girls wanted to take turns taking pictures too.  I told them they could take pictures of each other with my help but they both insisted, “No! I want to take your picture!”  Ugh.  T-shirt, pony tail and all day on the go…but really, this is me.  I am not kidding anyone, I never wear make up, always wear my glasses (too lazy for morning contact and make up routines).  This is me.

I took the pictures off of the camera last night and I skipped right past these.  And today, I read about Aleida and as much as I would like my proof to be in my words…that is a better “picture” of me than anything a camera can capture.  I want my girls to remember me in their photographs no matter where I am physically, because taking their photos and being a part of the photo worthy moments has made my life worth remembering.  Here is my proof.

We may need to work on Thea’s photography skills…

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2 Responses to She Left Proof

  1. dara says:

    Lovely post with wonderful pictures.

  2. Colleen says:

    I love the message of your post, and now need to get some photos of me and the kids. You are beautiful, without a doubt, and so are the girls. I love reading your blog because I always find such similarities between your life and mine. In this one- I’m a no make-up glasses wearing gal, too.

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