Forgive me internet, for I have sinned. It has been two months since my last post and these are my updates:

Leila turned 6. She even had her first big kid birthday party at a local gym with a dozen of her friends.



Leila started Soccer, and the season is already over. 



Thea continued to get more adorable, and stinkerific.


We finally made it to Chalk the Walk in Mt. Vernon.  Every year I plan to go, and it never works out.  It was very cool.



Leila taught Thea and Mabel how to read. 


Leila and I enjoyed the final kindergarten fieldtrip to Bloomsbury farms.


Leila graduated Kindergarten.  It was a big day.  Can’t you tell how happy she was to be done? But seriously, it was a yucky rainy day (hence the crappy flash photography) and she wasn’t excited to be done with her teacher.  She loves Mrs. Halverson, and so do Cory and I. I couldn’t even get her to fake a smile.



Now we are done with swimming lessons until the fall and starting up Tee Ball. With summer camp, Tee Ball, Cory’s golf league and my increasing devotion to running…our evenings are busy.  

So the fast paced life of a Coobs coupled with my typical summer bitterness about juggling work and life and I haven’t been feeling it lately.  So forgive me, Please?



I know you can’t say no to that face.  I’ve tried.

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